The Best way to get rid of Blackheads

What are blackheads?   Medically known as comedones,  blackheads are caused by clogged skin pores or hair follicles. Skin debris (your dead skin) combines with natural oil (Sebum) from the skin to clogg pores. Blackheads and whiteheads are caused in the same way. The difference between whitehead and a black head is a black head is exposed to the air and turns black whereas a white head has not been exposed to  the air. Wikipedia and […] Read more »

Trim Down With The Dukan Diet – A Fast…

So… I guess your reflection shows a few more ‘curves’ in places you would rather not see them. And either some big event is coming up quickly or you’re thinking about swimsuit season arriving soon! Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be looking at this article for  a fast weight loss diet, would you!? Well, we’ve been looking at the Dukan Diet– and this may an answer for you. It starts with a 5-day ‘phase’ for a […] Read more »

Summer Body Needed! Be prepared-Garcinia Cambogia is the answer.

tanned couple walking on Caribean beach

Spring is here! And if Spring is here, can Summer be far behind? OMG! Scanty summer clothes! I need Diet and Exercise for sure – but what will make them work fast!? Answer: Try Garcinia Cambogia It’s the latest in natural extracts for helping you burn fat faster and more efficiently as you prepare to have a beautiful body for this summer’s activities. And 100% natural Original Garcinia Cambogia has a special offer to help […] Read more »

Do It Yourself – Choose the Best Sunless Self Tanner and Bronzer for You Today

tanned couple walking on Caribean beach

Nothing looks healthier and more radiant than the sun-kissed glow of a tan! The problem is that an all-over, rich, deep, dark  tan takes time in the sun. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you don’t live in the tropics or work outdoors. Besides, thanks to today’s mass communications, we now know extended exposure to the sun can be unsafe and healthy. Not only have we heard about sun-caused cancers, it’s pretty […] Read more »

Best Sellers-Deodorants and Antiperspirants For Men and Women

Woman smiling with arms raised in joy

Strong enough for a man but made for a woman! Really? That iconic line is the advertising tag for a popular deodorant. It supports the notion that men and women perspire differently and require different products for effectiveness. Do they really? We put the theory to the test and reviewed the attributes of the best-selling deodorants for women along with the best-selling deodorants for men.  The products found on our best selling list had to […] Read more »

3 Best-Selling Body Washes

Clean smiling woman

Does your day start in a lather? Not an emotional one – a cleansing one – the kind that washes your body, invigorates your senses and helps kick each day off with a fresh start. You know, folks used to get their lather from a bar of hard soap – and some still do. But today we are more often lathering up from a pump dispenser of liquid soap. And there are a lot to […] Read more »

How To Whiten Teeth Fast-10 Best Sellers

woman showing white teeth in a smile

Your smile is probably the first thing people notice about you. Few attributes are more attractive than a friendly grin displaying white teeth. A bright smile suggests health, good hygiene, youth, and vigor. Age, medications, genetics, the environment, diet or bad habits can contribute to darkening your teeth and turning your bright smile dull. Then you want to know how to whiten your teeth fast. White teeth matter. They mattered to the Egyptians and the […] Read more »

Best Curly Hair Products

woman showing white teeth in a smile

THE BEAUTYCLIX STORE Everybody has something to say about their hair – and it’s usually some kind of complaint! It’s too curly It’s too straight It’s too oily It’s too dry It’s the wrong color There’s too much of it There’s too little of it.  And so on… We all have ‘bad hair days.’ But somehow they seem to come more frequently with those who are ‘blessed’ with naturally curly hair. Wouldn’t it be nice […] Read more »

Winter Skin Care With Liquid Foundation Makeup

Your face is your ambassador to the world. It’s what people look at when they meet you. They respond to the expression on your lips, the glow in your cheeks, the interest in your eyes. You can enhance the effect of each part of your face with good makeup techniques, but BeautyClix believes they all start with taking good care of your face. After all, your face is assaulted in one way or another by […] Read more »