Best Curly Hair Products

Everybody has something to say about their hair – and it’s usually some kind of complaint!

Bad Hair Day

It’s too curly

It’s too straight

It’s too oily

It’s too dry

It’s the wrong color

There’s too much of it

There’s too little of it.  And so on…

We all have ‘bad hair days.’ But somehow they seem to come more frequently with those who are ‘blessed’ with naturally curly hair. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few more ‘good hair days!?”

Categorizing hair.

Folks have used adjectives such as “kinky”, “nappy”, “wooly,” or “spiralled” to describe natural afro-textured hair. These days, more and more hairstylists use a numerical grading systems for hair types. A commonly used one calls straight hair type 1, wavy type 2,curly type 3, and afro-textured hair as type 4. Then theletters A, B, and C are used to tell about how much coil there is within each type.

80407124Male or female, dark skinned or light, if the hairs growing out of your scalp have a flattened cross-section, they will each twist and curl up in a way that more oval ‘Caucasian’ and even rounder ‘Asiatic’ hairs never will.

Styling for Curly Hair

Afro-textured hair is not well-adapted to the transient styles affected by those with naturally straighter hair. But it is easy to create full coifs and complex designs that will stay in place over long periods of time. In their native environment, African hair styling was an integral part of socialization. It could take hours, or even days, of time with the stylist.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the American culture considered straight hair to be more acceptable than natural kinky/curly textures and various straightening techniques and chemicals were developed and widely used. Since that time, the popularity of natural hair has waxed and waned. Even now, in the early 21st century, a significant percentage of African American women still straighten their hair with relaxers of some kind (either heat or chemically based). (Similarly, many women of European or Asian ancestry use similar products to curl their naturally straight hair.)

Today natural black hair styling has become an enormous industry in the man with cornrowsUnited States. Popular black hair styles usually include parting and braiding small sections of natural hair into various styles. The sections may then be braided closely against the scalp in a variety of patterned designs often called cornrows. Or each section may be made into a longer braid. Some or all of these many braids may be decorated with colored beads. This style with multiple longer braids is frequently called dreadlocks.

Hair and Scalp Care

Scalps with afro-textured hair naturally produce thinner hairs and fewer of them than Asian and Caucasian scalps do. For this reason, excessive braiding, tight cornrows, vigorous dry combing, and the use of relaxers on afro-textured hair can be particularly harmful to this hair and scalp type. Research even shows that prolonged application of straightening chemicals (or heat) can result in overprocessing, breakage, hair thinning and loss, excessive dryness, and bruises on the scalp.

Native Africans protected their scalps from the arid environment and woman showing white teeth in a smileintense sun with applications of Argan oil, palm kernel oil, or Shea butter. Grooming sessions included not only combing, braiding, and twisting, but also shampooing and oiling. Today numerous salons and beauty supply stores cater to clients with natural Afro-textured hair. And online forums, social networking groups and blogs are good places to learn about hair-care procedures as well as styling ideas and techniques.

Keeping hair moisturized, as well as trimming ends and using very little to no heat, is important in preventing breakage and split ends. But men and women with naturally coily and curly hair textures, celebrating their own natural hair texture, are looking for natural products to care for it.
In response to that demand, As I Am hair products are made with many of nature’s finest organic ingredients – and without undesirables like mineral oil, sulfates and silicones. From cleansers… to moisturizers… to curl definers, As I Am hair products is a line of products designed specifically for tightly coiled and curly hair.

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